Like a boss.
With 20 watts of stunning audio, tablet charging, and True Wireless left/right stereo daisy chaining the BRAVEN 850 is our most talented speaker yet.


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Like a boss.


20W of Stunning Audio, Anywhere You Go.
At nearly 4x the size of the BRAVEN Six Series, the BRAVEN 850 pumps out unbelievable sound from a speaker less than a foot long. Like its smaller brothers, the 850 provides emergency mobile device charging, impressive play time, integrated speakerphone, and an aircraft grade aluminum housing. In addition to mind-blowing sound, the BRAVEN 850 will charge iPads, tablets, and other 2.1A devices (as well as cell phones), and offers wireless pairing between two 850 speakers for left and right stereo.

what your braven can do

Find out why the BRAVEN 850 is our most talented speaker yet.


The 8800mAh battery will play for up to 20 hours.

20W of Stereo Output

Transform the room into a concert hall with 20 watts of stunning audio.

aptX Audio

Listen to your music with lossless clarity using the aptX codec.

Find out why the BRAVEN 850 is our most talented speaker yet.


Dimensions: 9.5" x 2.75" x 4" (24cm x 7cm x 10.1cm). Weight: 3 lbs 5.5 oz (1.52 kg)

Find out why the BRAVEN 850 is our most talented speaker yet.

Battery Check Light

Press the battery check button to see how much battery is left. Each light represents 20% of the total charge.

Charge External Devices

Plug the charging cable for your phone or tablet into the speaker's USB port and get an extra boost of power.

True Wireless

Press and hold the battery button to wirelessly connect your 850 to another BRAVEN 850 speaker, creating right and left channel stereo.

Line In for Non-Bluetooth Devices

Use your speaker with any device you use headphones with. Plug one end into the AUX port on the speaker, and the other into your device.

Find out why the BRAVEN 850 is our most talented speaker yet.

Sync Wirelessly

Stream your music over Bluetooth by syncing with a compatible device.


Accept and end calls right from the speaker's controls.

Playback Control

Turn the volume up or down right from the speaker. Press and hold the volume up or down button to skip tracks.


Enhance your audio experience with increased clarity and bass response by using SRS WOW HD technology.

Noise-Cancelling Microphone

Use the built-in noise-cancelling mic to make and take calls wirelessly on your own, or in a group.

what's in the box

Includes the BRAVEN 850 Bluetooth® Speaker, AC power supply adapter plugs (US/EU/UK/AU), AC power supply and 3.5mm stereo AUX cable

Product Reviews

  • BRAVEN 850 Speaker Review

    "This relatively hefty, high-end speaker balances punch with precision. Yes, it's loud, but also musical, with a nice blend of highs, mids and lows. Two in tandem rival a good bookshelf stereo system."

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  • BRAVEN 850 Speaker Review

    "Overall, the largest member of the Braven family scores high marks in our book. It's definitely not as portable as Braven's other models, but if you're in the market for a larger unit the 850 is hard to beat."

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  • Braven Speakers Let You Party for Hours

    "A single 850 is loud enough to support a living room dance party, perhaps because of the built-in 20-watt amplifier. But it can also be paired with a second 850 to, as the band Marrs might put it, pump up the volume."

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  • The Braven 850 brings huge sound to the portable bluetooth speaker Arena

    "The 850 sounds incredible while working outside, BBQing, hanging out with your friends or just kicking it in the garage. Any place you can image you want bigger, better and more powerful sound, the Braven 850 will do it."

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James T

February 18th, 2015

I bought this in Manila and was very impressed with its connectivity specs. It sounds brilliant and I consider myself an audiophile with naim separates and b&w diamond speakers... First class product gives good music on the go. My deciding factor was the inbuilt phone conference speaker...



February 15th, 2015

Friggin' awesome speaker! Crisp and warm sound from classical music to machine-gun-drum death metal. The sound is huge and loud as hell. Very happy with the purchase!



September 17th, 2013

The Braven 850 is the best purchase I've made. Sound quality is outstanding. Couldn't be happier!


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