6000 mAh Smart, Ultra-Rugged Portable Backup Battery

The BRV-BANK™ is the world's first Bluetooth®-enabled, USB controlled ultra-rugged power bank. This 6000 mAh rugged power solution is built with an IPX5 water-resistant rubber exterior and is designed to power you wherever you go. With the ability to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it, the BRV-BANK™ is designed for emergency preparedness and the great outdoors.


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6000 mAh Smart, Ultra-Rugged Portable Backup Battery


The BRAVEN BRV-BANK Smart, Ultra-Rugged Portable Backup Battery revolutionizes power on-the-go as the world's first Bluetooth®-enabled, USB-controlled power bank. Used with the free BRV-BANK Remote Battery Monitor App, you have complete wireless control of your BRV-BANK and Braven's distinct Bear and S.O.S. safety features. Available in a 6000 mAh battery size, this ruggedized power bank is built with an IPX5 water-resistant rubber exterior and is designed to power you wherever you go.

what your braven can do

what your braven app can do

Remotely monitor remaining battery levels at a glance

Easily switch between power banks

Activate 1A USB charging port

Activate 2.4A USB charging port

Sounds an audible beep to locate the BRV-BANK

Initiate Morse Code via the included flashlight

Activates the USB port and sounds an audible alarm if device has been shaken or moved

Versatile Accessories

Includes a hanging lanyard, a ruggedized USB flashlight, and a ruggedized cloth-wrapped USB charging cable with sealed ends.


Included USB flashlight for use in the dark, to signal S.O.S. or to flash when in Bear Mode


Use the ruggedized cloth-wrapped USB charging cable with sealed ends to charge your BRV-BANK™

Double Ports

Dual outlets support up to 3.4A combined power and can be controlled remotely using the BRV-BANK™ App. Charge two USB-charged devices at the same time, including a smartphone and tablet.

Full Coverage

Silicone cover ensures full coverage of ports to guard against dust, drops and water


IPX5 water-resistant rating

Power On

Use the power button to turn the BANK™ on and off


Wirelessly connect to your Bluetooth® enabled device


Built to take on the outdoors with high-grade materials and soft-touch coating

LED Lights

Five LED lights indicate which ports are being used and indicate remaining battery

what's in the box

Includes a hanging lanyard, a ruggedized USB flashlight, and a ruggedized cloth-wrapped USB charging cable with sealed ends.

Product Reviews

  • iLounge Logo

    Braven BRV-BANK Smart Rugged Portable Power Bank

    "With the battery market so saturated at this point, new features and ideas are appreciated, and BRV-BANK brings both, along with impressive performance."

    "Based on past tests, we expect a 6000mAh battery to provide a charge somewhere in the vicinity of 50 percent. BRV-BANK beat that number, bringing a fully depleted iPad Air up to 62 percent in two hours and 27 minutes, meaning it was indeed charging at the proper 2.4A speed. This is an impressive result for the capacity…"

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  • Chip Chick

    Braven's BRV-Bank is a Portable Rugged but Smart Backup Battery

    "This is the Navy Seals of backup batteries. It is IP68 water-resistant, MIL-STD 810G shockproof rated power bank with integrated Bluetooth technology that connects with a companion App to wirelessly monitor the battery levels and automatically begin or cease charging, as well as to locate where it is from your smartphone or tablet."

    "To give you some reference, an iPhone 5s battery is about 1570 mAh. So you could do some serious charging on this battery. It comes with a handy USB charged flashlight and two outlets that support up to 2.4A (Amps), which means you could charge up to two iPads at the same time. Seems like an ideal set up for an outdoorsy photographer."

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  • Cult of Mac

    Braven BRV-Bank Battery Pack, Like A Speakerless Bluetooth Speaker

    "The BRV-Bank is like Braven’s Bluetooth speakers, only without the speaker. Like it’s portable speakers, there’s a big battery inside, a Bluetooth radio, and the ability to control the speaker from an app. But unlike the speakers, it plays no music, and the app is used for switching the unit on and off, and for monitoring the battery level. It’s a clever idea, especially when you think that it really is a speaker-less speaker."

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  • Crave Online

    CES 2014: Braven Bank Locks Up Your Battery Power

    "Braven Bank It’s exactly the kind of equipment GI Joe would carry in his backpack… The portable BRV-Bank is wrapped in durable material that can withstand a few accidents. For those drawn to LaCie hard drives, the BRV-Bank offers the same sort of chest-beating street cred with its battle-tested exterior."

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  • Coolest Gadgets

    Braven Introduces BRV-Bank Portable Backup Battery

    "The Braven BRV-Bank is proud to be the world’s first IP68 water-resistant and MIL-STD 810G shockproof rated power bank that will offer yet another advantage – it comes with an integrated Bluetooth technology. The BRV-Bank will be able to hook up to a custom Braven BRV Bank App, where that will allow it to wirelessly monitor battery levels, start and stop charging devices as well as locate the BRV-Bank from a smartphone or tablet"

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