Versatility Meets Functionality

The Mira™ by BRAVEN is Bluetooth® audio made for your home, designed with an integrated multi-purpose hook, IPX5 water-resistant exterior and convenient App.


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Versatility Meets Functionality

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Play your music wherever you are with the ultra-portable Mira™ by BRAVEN Bluetooth® Speaker. Lightweight and compact, the Mira™ can be easily moved from room to room and features a unique built-in multi-purpose hook to easily stand or hang the Mira™. Control volume, change tracks and power on or off using its frontal controls and splash away with its IPX5 water-resistant rating. Download the free Mira™ App to stream, create unique playlists and control your speaker. With 10 hours of wireless Bluetooth® audio, its versatility and design make the Mira™ the ultimate home audio speaker. 

what your braven can do

what your braven app can do

Mira by BRAVEN: World's Most Versatile Home Speaker


Play the Mira™ anywhere in the home with integrated kickstand and ABS plastic hook

Water Resistant

IPX5 water-resistant rating means your Mira™ will be safe no matter the room

Long-lasting Audio

Rechargeable 1200mAh battery plays wireless audio for 10 hours

Take Calls

Crystal clear speakerphone with built-in noise-canceling microphone

Mira by BRAVEN: World's Most Versatile Home Speaker

Play and Connect

Hold down to connect via Bluetooth®. Conveniently start and stop music


Hold power button to turn your Mira™ on.

Volume Control

Control volume and change tracks

Mira by BRAVEN: World's Most Versatile Home Speaker

Hang or Stand Anywhere

Hinged ABS plastic kickstand/hook lays flush with device when closed and can be used as a kickstand or hook

Mira by BRAVEN: World's Most Versatile Home Speaker


Auxiliary out port lets you play music from non-Bluetooth® devices and via your computer using its USB cable


Charge the 1200mAh battery using the included micro-USB cord

what's in the box

Includes the BRAVEN Mira Water-Resistant Bluetooth® Speaker, Water-Resistant Carrying Pouch and a USB Charging Cable

Product Reviews

  • 96/100% Rating and "Must Have Editors Choice Award"

    "Quoted on their website as the "world's most versatile home speaker" and on the box as "the world's more talented speaker," obviously high expectations are to be met from the get-go. Featuring an IPX5 water resistance rating, a handy hook and stand combo, alongside a 10-hour playback rating, this speaker packs everything that you would expect and more."

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  • Best of the Year Awards 2014 - Mira

    "Braven's Mira ($100) might just look like another hockey puck speaker, but it's bigger and stronger than JBL's Clip, and water-resistant — perfect for the shower, though not submersible. The ten-hour micro-USB rechargeable battery ensures Mira can hang on the showerhead for a long time without needing extra juice. "

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  • Braven Mira Bluetooth speaker with kickstand debuts at CES

    "The Braven Mira is a small portable speaker that is being aimed at the "music connoisseur", bringing with it a variety of features, among them chiefly being a water resistant body for use in atypical situations -- out in the rain, or near the pool without having to worry about an accident dive to the depths of electronics destruction."

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  • CES: Check Out Braven's Brand New Bluetooth Speakers For 2014

    "Braven’s second new speaker, Mira, is smaller than the BRV-X, it’s shaped like a hockey puck, but most impressively, it’s entirely waterproof. There’s a built-in kickstand which doubles as a hook (allowing users to hang the speaker from walls or in the shower), and music controls on the front of the speaker allow users to adjust audio playback without having to reach for their iDevice."

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  • BRAVEN Mira Speakers Make a Splash at CES 2014

    "One of the more practical pieces to come out of CES 2014 is the BRAVEN Mira Speaker. Just like phones, speakers are quickly getting smaller and smaller while also somehow getting more powerful, and these speakers exemplify that. Don't mistake their size for a lack of power, though. These speakers comfortably fill up the room with crystal clear sound and essentially make your bigger and heavier set obsolete. The BRAVEN Mira speakers run on a rechargeable lithium battery, but can easily give you up to ten hours of sound on a single charge. Better yet, they're waterproof just in case you weren't sold yet."

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  • CES 2014: BRAVEN Adds Versatility to Home Speakers with Mira

    ""What's small and round, has enough power to fill a room with sound and is completely water-resistant? The BRAVEN Mira speaker is a versatile, water resistant Bluetooth speaker designed to embrace a minimalistic look while delivering perfectly crystal clear sound."

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  • CES 2014: BRAVEN Adds Versatility to Home Speakers with Mira

    "IPX5 water-resistant rated and equipped with an integrated kickstand and hook, the Mira can be easily moved to and used in any location, including the kitchen, garage, patio, bedroom, and even the shower."

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