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The BRAVEN BALANCE is a wireless Bluetooth® speaker with rich, warm bass optimization technology wrapped in a waterproof exterior. Designed for portability, toss the BALANCE in a backpack, sports tote or day bag to stream your favorite music anywhere. The BALANCE plays for an impressive 18 hours and features Boost Mode, to instantly surge to a full power outdoor setting, ideal for large areas. Complete with built-in speakerphone and a 4000mAh internal battery to charge your smartphone, BRAVEN's BALANCE is the crossover speaker you've been waiting for.
Waterproof Bluetooth® speaker with Boost Mode.

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    Tech Specs


    • 3.5mm stereo input
    • USB charging output, 5V 1A
    • Wireless pairing


    • Built-in microphone & speakerphone


    • On/Off buttons
    • 18 hr playtime
    • 4000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery


    • Dimensions: 4.96in x 8.23in x 1.85in
    • Weight: 1.79lbs

    Profiles Supported

    • IOPT/HFP 1.5
    • A2DP 1.0
    • AVRCP 1.4
    • GAVDP 1.0
    • HSP 1.2


    • 33ft (10m) wireless range

    In The Box

    The BRAVEN BALANCE Speakers


    The BRAVEN BALANCE outdoor wireless speaker aux cable

    3.5mm AUX Stereo Cable

    The BRAVEN BALANCE outdoor wireless speaker AC adapters

    AC power supply and adapter plugs (US/EU/UK/AU)

    The BRAVEN BALANCE Product Manual

    Balance Product Manual

    Press Reviews

      By Good Housekeeping on 08/1/2016

      “This bright and colorful speaker has a waterproof rating of IPX7 and is great for using in the shower or taking on trips to the beach. Its light and can easily be carried or packed in a bag. Its battery lasted over nine hours when tested at maximum volume – so you can expect even longer run times at normal listening levels. The speaker controls do not easily control the volume but you can play, change track and even answer calls with great ease.”

      By Refinery29 on 02/02/2016

      "We've gathered a collection of presents they would probably never ask for directly, but will be blown away by as soon as the tissue paper comes off... Ed Sheeran sounds better blasting through these speakers"

      By Forbes on 1/16/2016

      "Overall, the Balance offers better audio than many speakers in its price range, with the added bonuses of being waterproof and offering extended battery life. Braven offers a pair of excellent and affordable wireless speakers for the outdoor crowd."

    • SELF’s Guide to Outdoor Boot Camp Classes
      By SELF on 9/10/2015

      “Power your lunges with tunes from this waterproof wireless speaker (it doubles as a sleek smartphone charger)”

      By Sound & Vision on 1/7/2015

      "It’s hard to get big bass sound from a small, portable player, but the Braven Balance, debuting at CES seems to make it work. The Balance, MSRP $150, uses bass optimization that pumps out a surprisingly full sound from such an ultra-thin speaker -it even maintains a decent amount of bass at softer listening levels."

      By ChipChick on 1/6/2015

      "The Braven Balance is a sturdy portable speaker that is shaped like a clutch purse, is super thin, and fits in your hand nicely. It is a great personal speaker that can take a beating and still provide resounding bass and rich sound even when not on full blast. It also can charge your devices when you need it."

    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Ratings

    • Best in class..
      By Mike S on 4/15/2017

      Incredible. Better than others 2x the price. Louder than size. No cracking at peak volume.


    • Love, love, love!!!!!
      By Kaera on 3/17/2017

      This is truly the best portable speaker I have ever owned! I had the BRV but this balance is way better for the great price. The sound is crispy clear, no distortion even at full boost volume. It is very loud for how small it is. I love it so much I bought another one straight after trying it for my partner so I don't have share haha. I love that it has an excellent water resistance rating. Love, love, love!!!!!

      My only problems are I can't use my phone charger to charge it like you can with the BRV and Pro (it comes with its own wall charger) and I want to keep buying more >_<


    • Best speaker ever
      By Oliver camacho on 1/28/2017

      Best speaker I have ever owned I got it for Christmas and I was like I wanted beats but when I turned it on I knew this was it.


    • Great speaker
      By Dano on 1/5/2017

      I first owned the Braven BRV-Pro and had constant battery charging problems, so I was a little hesitant to purchase the Balance. HOWEVER, I am very glad that I did. This is a great speaker and with a 4000 mAh battery versus the 2200 mAh in the cant go wrong! Has a great sound for the price. Recommended


    • The Best of its class!
      By Mr. D on 10/12/2016

      This is without doubt the best portable speaker that i've ever had! It's small, light weight, powerful, water tight and good looking for less than half the price of its competitors! Awesome product!


    • Better then Bose
      By Lubcio on 9/24/2016

      I just got my balance and it is way more then I expected. And I am not just talking awesome sound and bass. This sweet speaker is way more thought through then any if its competitors. I was saving my money for the bose soudlink II. It's like 320$ plus tax and it never goes on sale. By accident I came across the braven balance and boy was i pleasently surprised when i saw what it had to offer. I recommend to everyone to check out this device and what it delivers with it at half the price of bose and 10 times the features. I give it 10/10


    • Perfect speaker for water sports
      By NONO on 7/4/2016

      This speaker is amazing. I have one on my jet ski. While going full speed down the lake can still hear every beat and lyric. Has survived multiple flips on my ski.


    • Perfect for every day life, and then some
      By Mark on 6/25/2016

      For its size, this device pumps out a more than respectable amount of high-quality audio, while being able to keep up with needed phone-charging to sustain the music duo. All in all, excellent design, easy to use and to pair to multiple devices.

      I use this as much indoors (while cooking) as I do outdoors (taking in some rays in the back yard). I bet if I could mount this solidly to a bicycle, I would even be able to go down-hill and this thing would survive the day.

      Purchased with Visa Bonus Dollars, and paid well under MSRP, but even at full price is worth every penny!


    • John
      By Smithc9 on 4/6/2016

      Really wonderful information can be found on web blog. Awesome speaker!


    • Loud speaker
      By Chris on 2/28/2016

      This speaker can blast and it's good for school


    • Fantastic Speaker
      By Alex C. on 2/26/2016

      Absolutely amazing, No other speaker like it in the price range, Waterproof AND great sound quality, I only have one complaint, and its not even about the sound but the looks, it looks good but my Crimson colored blanket is rubbing on my Lime Green Balance and it looks brown-ish at the edges where the bass are, but Goddamn I need more of these for my friends, and I'm only in high school. It is the best speaker I've ever owned. Totally recommended for anyone who likes swimming or Shower concerts.


    • Amazing - Love it
      By Genesis 600 on 1/28/2016

      The Braven Balance is an amazing speaker. I love to cook and I simply link my Galaxy S6 and let the music keep me chopping, kneading or simmering away. The sound I feel is excellent. It caries enough bass for anybody and will produce enough volume for a party. I used it for an outdoor party this summer with some jazz as background music. IT was amazing, and I was confident that it was safe from the humidity, spills, drunks even a dip in the ice bucket.

      I love the fact that I can charge a phone if necessary as well.

      I loved it so much I bought one for my son to use instead of his docking station.

      My only issue, is I've become somewhat obsessed with the Braven product that I keep wanting to buy more.


    • Perfect
      By Amy W on 12/1/2015

      Braven Wireless Speaker for Smartphone by Incipio is in one word perfect. Very well made and it can definitely take a beating. I have the blue and gray color and I really like the shade and overall design. The size is also just right, as it can easily fit into a backpack and also doesn't weight too much.
      For someone who isn't very tech savvy, I found the setup and overall use of this speaker simple. After the speaker is fully charged, all you have to do is turn on your Bluetooth and pair your smartphone to it. Done. The speaker can be paired to multiple devices but only one Bluetooth can be on at a time. Very easy to control sound and turn on and off. The sound can be played for just background noise or has the power to be the main event. Have used it at family gatherings in the park as simple background noise. At a work BBQ, I had the music turned all the way up and the sound quality was very clear. You can actually see the sides of the speaker move in vibration to the music.To top it off it is waterproof, as my hubby decided to test out. He took it to work one day and the speaker accidentally got water spilled on it. Coworkers freaked out but after it was explained that it would be okay, they thought to test it. Took it outside and sprayed it with the hose and could not believe that everything was fine. Another huge quality is the fact that you can answer phone calls while the speaker it being used. When a call comes in and you want to answer it, the speaker will mute itself. It can also charge your phone, tablet, or any other device that you can connect to some of the different ports located in the back. I truly think this speaker is one if the best ones I have ever owned.
      Have used it in many different ways and each time it worked wonderfully. For the overall quality of sound, ease of use, and durable design I have to recommend this Braven Wireless Speaker.


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