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Fearless is our middle name. The BRV-PRO is the world’s most rugged and versatile Bluetooth Speaker of this size. It’s fully loaded with robust sound and bass projection powerful enough for adventurers ready to send it. Certified with an IPX7 waterproof rating, the BRV-PRO’s metal housing is built to take a beating and can be outfitted with a solar charging panel, rechargeable battery pack, sound-doubling stacking plates and GoPro® compatible mounting system. Boost your phone’s battery by charging right from the speaker and answer calls hands free using the built-in speakerphone for a complete wireless audio experience designed for pros.
Modular Bluetooth® speaker.

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Get 20% off BRV-pro accessories when paired with BRV-Pro Speaker
  • BRV-PRO Stacking Plate
    Price: $19.99 $15.99
    For those who like it loud, this is the accessory for you. The waterproof Stacking Plate acts as an audio bridge between two BRV-PRO speakers to instantly amplify sound. Mount the Stacking Plate directly on to one PRO speaker, then drop your paired PRO right on top. With easy installation and unlimited stacking potential, this will take your outdoor party to the next level.
  • BRV-PRO Action Mount
    Price: $14.99 $11.99
    Compatible with most GoPro® and popular action sports mounts, attach your BRV-PRO speaker on the waterproof BRAVEN Action Mount to take your music surfing, riding, driving or wherever your adventure awaits.
  • BRV-PRO Solar Panel
    Price: $49.99 $39.99
    Use the power of the sun to boost your battery. Waterproof and portable, the BRAVEN Solar Panel attaches to the top of the BRV-PRO to charge the battery and keep your music playing endlessly.

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    BRV-PRO Solar Panel
    Use the power of the sun to boost your battery. Waterproof and portable, the BRAVEN Solar Panel attaches to the top of the BRV-PRO to charge the battery and keep your music playing endlessly.

    BRV-PRO Solar Panel


    BRV-PRO Action Mount
    Compatible with most GoPro® and popular action sports mounts, attach your BRV-PRO speaker on the waterproof BRAVEN Action Mount to take your music surfing, riding, driving or wherever your adventure awaits.

    BRV-PRO Action Mount


    BRV-PRO Glow Deck
    The sun may be setting but that doesn’t mean you’re off the trails. The waterproof Glow Deck is an attachable accessory that connects directly to the BRV-PRO speaker and uses luminous LEDs to light your path, tent or campsite.

    BRV-PRO Glow Deck


    BRV-PRO Stacking Plate
    For those who like it loud, this is the accessory for you. The waterproof Stacking Plate acts as an audio bridge between two BRV-PRO speakers to instantly amplify sound. Mount the Stacking Plate directly on to one PRO speaker, then drop your paired PRO right on top. With easy installation and unlimited stacking potential, this will take your outdoor party to the next level.

    BRV-PRO Stacking Plate


    BRV-PRO Battery Pack
    Our 3800mAh external battery pack mounts to the BRV-PRO and extends the speaker’s battery for up to 65 total* hours of music play. Its lightweight, waterproof design complements the PRO’s rugged exterior, and is finished with convenient LED battery indicators to track remaining power levels.

    BRV-PRO Battery Pack



    Tech Specs


    • 100ft (30m) wireless range
    • 3.5mm stereo input
    • Micro-USB-to-USB
    • Wireless Pairing

    Profiles Supported

    • HFP 1.6
    • A2DP 1.2
    • AVRCP 1.4
    • HSP 1.2
    • DI 1.3


    • On/Off buttons
    • Up to 30 hour playtime
    • 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery


    • Dimensions: 6.4in x 1.5in x 2.8in
    • Weight: 1.44lbs


    • Built-in microphone & speakerphone


    • IPX7 Certified

    In The Box

    BRAVEN BRV-PRO Bluetooth waterproof speaker

    BRAVEN BRV-PRO Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

    BRAVEN BRV-PRO Bluetooth waterproof speaker dual strap

    1 Tie Down Strap

    BRAVEN BRV-PRO Bluetooth waterproof speaker usb cable

    USB to Micro-USB Cable

    Braven BRV-PRO Bluetooth waterproof speaker hex wrench

    Hex Wrench

    Braven BRV-PRO Product Manual

    BRV-PRO Product Manual

    Press Reviews

    • The Perfect Après Kit for Fall
      By Outside MAG

      "Keep the music going, no matter what. The waterproof, drop-proof Braven BRV-PRO pumps crisp, full sound for 24 hours on a single charge"

    • Favorite Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
      By Outside MAG on 05/03/2016

      "The Braven was our overall favorite because it performed well in each category and is also relatively affordable. In terms of audio quality, Brooks said it was “decently punchy,” with highs that “were well separated” and an overall warm sound. It didn’t blink after being submerged or tossed off my roof, and we also liked the easy-carry straps and sticky, rubberized feet."

    • New High-Tech Travel Gear
      By Travel Channel

      "TThe BRV-PRO Portable Bluetooth Speaker with integrated speakerphone has your number when you’re catching a wave and can’t-miss when that critical conference call comes in. The rugged little speaker has an aluminum housing and an IPX7 waterproof rating, so it resists water, dust and more."

    • 10 Waterproof Gadgets That Can Brave the Outdoors
      By Popular Mechanics 04/17/2016

      "The BRAVEN BRV-Pro is not only waterproof, but also capable of taking a beating thanks to its rugged body. It delivers great sound quality and battery life, and has an array of cool optional accessories. They include a battery pack and a solar panel that can both recharge the speaker. The BRV-Pro allows users to connect multiple speakers for a bigger sonic experience.”

    • Gadget of the Week- 4/5 Star Rating
      By Daily Mail on 03/26/2016

      "The great outdoors is all very well – but what if your mobile goes flat? Fear not. Just pop this portable powerhouse in your rucksack and carry on camping. The BRV-Pro offers a power bank with enough juice to charge an iPhone up to full a couple of times, plus a light on the top just to broadcast your technological superiority to other nearby campers."

      By Business Insider on 03/25/2016

      "Another speaker explicitly designed for the woods, but it’s built like a tank, fully waterproof, and fitted with a number of ports and accessory holders. It also has better battery life (15 hours, compared to about 7-8 on the Divoom). Its sound is impressively strong and detailed, too, at least relative to its size. It’s a great choice for outdoorsy types today."

      By The Weather Channel on 03/17/2016

      "Whether you're hiking, managing your home weather station or storm tracking in the coming months, Gadget Guru Andrew Felix recommends these hot tech toys to get you through the spring season."

    • 12 Best Bluetooth Speakers for Blasting Tunes Without Wires
      By Best Products on 03/14/2016

      "The rugged and waterproof BRAVEN BRV-Pro will deliver wireless tunes during all your adventures. The speaker offers excellent sound, can act as a backup battery for your smartphone, and has a range of cool optional accessories. The latter includes a solar panel, an additional battery, and an action mount, among others."

      By Maxim on 09/17/2015

      "In addition to modularizing the speaker, our most favorite features are the abilities to 1) charge your phone with it and 2) wirelessly connect it to a device up to 30m away"

      By Engadget on 08/21/2015

      "The BRV-PRO is tough…..For me, it's the accessories that make the BRV-PRO compelling."

      "…the question then becomes if you're willing to splurge for a gadget that's waterproof and could last a good portion of the weekend. Personally, I'd have a tough time saying no."

      By Digital Trends on 08/21/2015

      "The BRV-Pro from Braven is a jack-of-all-trades portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s rugged (dust, water, and shock resistant), delivers great sound, and has a built-in power bank and speakerphone. But what’s unique is the modular design that lets you attach additional accessories ($15 to $50), like a battery pack, LED light, solar panel for eco charging, and a “stack plate” for attaching multiple BRV-Pros. Our favorite accessory: An action mount that lets you attach the speaker onto most GoPro mounts."

      By Android Guys on 10/05/2015

      "Overall this is an awesome speaker for someone with an active lifestyle. It’s built like a tank and takes a beating like one too. The optional accessories will allow you to further customize the speaker to make it your own. "

      By Business Insider on 08/27/2015

      BI Rating: 9/10

      "It gets a superb 15 hours of battery life per charge, too, and it comes equipped with a series of ports that can hold accessories, like flashlights or GoPro cameras.It sounds wonderful on top of all of that, with detailed highs, clear mids, and above-average bass for its size."

      "Pros: Rugged, portable, highly versatile design. Superb battery life. Powerful and detailed sound."

      By Popular Mechanics on 01/22/2016

      "The BRV-BANK by Braven is portable battery pack with a rugged body, IPX5 water resistance, two full USB ports, and Bluetooth connectivity. The latter allows users to connect the accessory to a smartphone, monitor its battery level, or use light signals via the bundled attachable USB flashlight. Its 6,000mAh capacity allows it to easily charge most common smartphones almost twice from completely drained"

    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Ratings

    • Kid Tested, Daddy approved
      By Nekropunk on 11/18/2016

      I found this great speaker at Outdoor Retailer this year, and could not believe how great it sounded. The first thing I did after getting home from the show was to track one down and make it mind. The first day I had it was a beautiful summer day, so i decided to take it down to the pool with my 2 year old and sure enough as soon as I put the BRV-Pro down, the little guy threw it in the pool. I knew i had nothing to worry about after seeing it in action in Salt lake, and as expected it kept right on playing with very little loss of sound quality after getting wet. A great speaker for bringing premium sounding audio outside.


    • Solid 10/10
      By Joe on 9/20/2016

      This speaker is capable of handling anything and with me living in the mountains I take it everywhere with me and it has not failed me once. Especially like the solar panel for long weekends camping and biking. Great great product.


      By BIG TRUCKIN on 9/15/2016

      HOLY COW!!! a whole lotta sound, wasn't expecting what I got! far exceeded what i was looking for .. and you can get accessories too! stack trays xtra battery pack solar charger and the built in mic to talk hands free..... awesome just friggin awesome!!!!


    • A store full of lovely speakers, and I walked home with the BRV-PRO
      By Brice on 6/16/2016

      So I walked into my local electronics store to originally buy a portable Bose bluetooth speaker. They had all the demo displays out, so I figured with a pricey purchase such as this I'd check out everything available. I tried the Bose models, JBL, UE, Jawbone, beats, Fugoo, Braven, and Marshall.... Ended up with the Braven BRV-Pro Solar bundle.
      Sound 8/10: Couldn't hold a candle to the fidelity of the Bose and Marshall, but still could put out a ton of volume in a smaller package that didn't suffer from any undue distortion. Great highs and moderately good lows, but for my music tastes in classical and vocals it suits me just fine.
      Design 8/10: Small, built like a tank, and water resistant with a low profile solar accessory. However I do not like the solar panel design with exposed cords, and the weight may be off-putting for some. I would disregard the weight issue if the battery was larger by default (yes I know the solar panel renders this point moot as a speaker, but if it's being sold as a backup battery it's definitely a negative).
      Overall 9/10: Priced at 100$ less than the Bose, with more versatility and good enough volume and fidelity to boot for most outdoor scenarios... I couldn't resist.
      I may eventually make a youtube review after I take more time to thoroughly test and prove the BRV-PROs performance.


    • Buy it! You won't regret this purchase!
      By Simple Joe on 6/5/2016

      Wow is all I can say. Far exceeded my expectations. Looking into the solar panel accessory which makes this the ultimate outdoor addition for whatever you're doing. How can it get any better than that?


    • Love this product
      By Bella Von Betch on 5/11/2016

      I took this to Colorado last weekend (this was originally purchased for a camping trip coming up in August) and it was worth every penny spent. I even got online today to order the power bank and glow deck to go with this. For some reason the solar panel is not in stock, but I will be purchasing that too when its back. I was very impressed with this speaker. It went up in the mountains with me one day and into canyons the next day. My phone died before this speaker did LOL. I was loud, it got wet, and did everything I could ask for including pumping out the jams. I am sold on Braven products!!! Thank you for making such a stellar item!!!


    • One word "Awesome" . (Sounds great)
      By Xresth on 4/11/2016

      Awesome portable speaker.Looks small in size but hey sounds great clean and clear with awesome higher sound volume.Also its a water proof speaker.every thing about the Braven v pro is just awesome.


    • Outstanding speaker
      By Screenmonkey on 2/1/2016

      I have been interested in this speaker for a long time and I finally got to get one of my own and its durability is great for my whitewater kayaking and it stands up to a pretty good beating but I have thought about the cap on the back it worries me sometimes because it doesn't look or feel like the cap would hold water out but it seems to be working greatly thanks for the awesome speakers!


    • Beautiful for rocking out on the Kayak and at camp.
      By Hans on 1/30/2016

      Love it, I have a brv-1 and it is awesome, only drawback was mounting it to my kayak was not easy to say the least. Then I saw the brv-pro while walking through sam's club with the free solar panel and immediately dropped it in my cart. Equipped with the action mount and solar panel I mount it to my kayaks built in gopro mount and open up to solar panel, on 3-4 day fishing/camping trips I can rock out all day long while the sun keeps my speaker nice and charged, at night I plug my phone into it to keep that charged. repeat this every day and I have nonstop tunes. The battery life lights on the back will light up indicating the solar panel is charging and working, it does need a direct line of sight of the sun (not a problem out on the lake) to work.


      By PornoPete on 1/20/2016

      I was looking for a replacement Bluetooth (BT) speaker due to my oldest sons borrowing (passive take-over) of my logitec BT speaker. I am usually underwhelmed by many peripherals and rarely stunned by said electronic products. I was roaming the aisles at Sam's Club and purchased it on impulse. I got the version with the solar panel and I use it everywhere! The only time I go back to head phones is when I have to be mindful of the noise. I use it in the bathroom during all activities, when on the computer, tablet, phone. Also, the range on this little sucker is astounding. It is perfect!


    • Best speaker out there
      By Keith P. on 1/12/2016

      I am so glad I bought this speaker. This thing can take a serious beating, and it has amazing sound quality. I bring it to the beach and throwing it in the sand or water has caused zero issues. Super rad!


    • Still out of stock!?...
      By Tye Ard O'waiting on 12/29/2015

      When can we expect the BRV-Pro Black Red Black to be back in stock!? Thanks so much? Ps also really liked the original color scheme of the BRV-1


    • Good decision.
      By Vittorio on 12/19/2015

      Amazing speaker, great design. Just be careful in the store, they could forget accessories...like belt or allen wrench.


    • Awesome Speaker
      By Condawgtho on 12/18/2015

      The Braven BRV Pro packs a big punch in a compact size. I was amazed at the volume this baby can bump. I live in Miami and also purchased the solar panel attachment and now I can jam all day no problem. Very durable and tough. Haven't had a problem with water yet although it hasn't taken on any significant amounts of water or been submerged completely yet. Overall a great purchase and definitely worth the money.


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