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Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, the BRAVEN BRV-X booms with 12 hours of music playtime, which is perfect for rocky canyons, powdered slopes, raging rapids, sandy dunes or even backyard barbecues. The BRV-X is designed with an IPX7 certified waterproof, shock absorbent, portable body and features a powerful 5200mAh power bank to charge external devices. Customize your listening experience for any environment by choosing indoor or outdoor mode. For an immersive left and right stereo experience, pair two BRAVEN BRV-X speakers together using TrueWireless™.
Waterproof Bluetooth® speaker with 5200 mAh power bank.

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    Tech Specs


    • 33ft (10m) wireless range
    • 3.5mm stereo input
    • Micro-USB-to-USB data ports
    • Wireless pairing


    • Indoor and Outdoor mode
    • Built-in microphone & speakerphone


    • On/Off buttons
    • 12 hour playtime
    • 5200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery


    • Dimensions: 9.06in x 3.63in x 2.94in
    • Weight: 1.5lbs

    Profiles Supported

    • IOPT/HFP 1.5
    • A2DP 1.0
    • AVRCP 1.4
    • GAVDP 1.0
    • HSP 1.2


    • IPX7 Certified

    In The Box

    The Braven BRV-X outdoor wireless speaker is waterproof and rugged


    The Braven BRV-X outdoor wireless speaker travel strap

    BRV-X Travel Strap

    The Braven BRV-X outdoor wireless speaker aux cable

    3.5mm AUX Stereo Cable

    The Braven BRV-X outdoor wireless speaker AC adapters

    AC power supply and adapter plugs (US/EU/UK/AU)

    Braven BRV-X Product Manual

    BRV-X Product Manual

    Press Reviews

    • Back to School 2016 Buying Guide: Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers
      By Android Headlines on 07/29/2016

      “The BRAVEN BRV-X is another speaker which places its emphasis on being rugged. As such, this one comes with an extremely durable outer shell which is both waterproof and shockproof. So this is one designed for the more adventurous types or for when you need a speaker to endure the weather.”

    • The Top 6 Loud and Rugged, Bluetooth Speakers for Summer Fun
      By iPhone Life on 04/12/2016

      “The BRV-X is an awesome option for summer adventures. While small enough to conveniently tote around with you, it's big enough and powerful enough to really pack a punch! This multifunctional speaker doesn't just deliver great sound though, it also has a built-in back-up battery to charge your devices.”

      By Digital Trends on 03/10/2014

      "Conjuring images of dirt bike back flips and cases of Red Bull, the new BRV-X is designed to be the ultimate outdoor audio companion. Taking the lead from its rough-and-tumble little brother, the BRV-1, the larger and more powerful X is cloaked in IPX7-rated armor to resist the elements, and its 5200mAh battery also serves as a handy power station on your adventures, able to charge mobile devices, as well as larger gear such as an iPad, goPro, or digital camera."

      By Travel + Leisure on 06/02/2014

      "For your beach soundtrack, turn to the water-, dust-, and shock-proof wireless Bluetooth BRV-X. Besides this ability to withstand the elements, the rubber-bodied BRV-X delivers superior sound quality. It will sound as good out on the sand as it will in your hotel room or beach house later."

      By TweakTown on 03/12/2015

      "Sturdy and water resistant: You'll have no issue dropping it a few times or taking it through the sea spray on your boat."

      By Gear Patrolon 03/12/2015

      "Best All-Around Speaker: Along with its 12-hour battery life, the 1.5-pound Braven is protected to up to 1 meter underwater and has a shockproof rubber exterior, meaning you can let it roll down a cliff into a lagoon and it won’t be worse for wear. Separate indoor and outdoor modes make the most out of the speaker’s volume to fill big areas, and a strap connection lets you hang it from a tree, kayak or backpack."

      By CI BLOG on 03/04/2015

      "If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker to take out and about with you, look no further than the BRV-X."

      "Moreover, when you consider its sound quality, battery life and ruggedness, this may just be the first and last portable speaker you will ever need."

      By Sound & Vision on 11/24/2015

      "The BRV-X is a tad bigger than a brick and built like a tank with a rubberized enclosure that’s shockproof and water-resistant. It even has a USB port for charging your phone and comes with a strap that will secure the speaker to almost anything. The BRV-X is a perfect outdoor companion that will keep the tunes crankin’ for up to 12 hours per charge."

      By iLounge on 1/27/2014

      "Overall, BRV-X is a winner for Braven, and one of the best speakers the company has ever released. Handsome, sonically powerful, and well-equipped with useful accessories, it delivers a very good indoor listening experience while offering the sort of resilience and versatility users of outdoor speakers will appreciate."

      By GottaBe Mobile on 1/7/2014

      "Not all gadgets are created equal, and most speakers don’t do well when wet. Braven though, has an IPX7 certification and the BRV-X is completely weatherproof. It’s also shockproof thanks to the high-impact plastic casing which is housed under a layer of rubber around the entire speaker. And that’s just the exterior, the interior and settings have even more options to help when you take it outdoors."

      "CES is packed full of accessories galore as you roam the halls, so finding one that everyone can enjoy or benefit from took some time. After trying out the Braven Rugged Outdoor speaker, we knew we found the right one."

      "Its unique, rugged package, and great sound makes it our best accessory of CES 2014."

      By Laptop on 1/7/2014

      "Some gadgets aren’t built to withstand the rigors of the wilderness. Braven’s $229.99 BRV-X Bluetooth speaker is an exception."

      By iPhone Life on 1/9/2014

      "Braven's New BRV-X Raises the Bar for Rugged Bluetooth Speakers."

      "The BRV-X is truly a force to be reckoned with, and between its thunderous sound and Herculean design, it ranks as one of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers I've ever seen or heard."

      By Technology Tell on 03/14/2014

      "People wanted more volume and power, and they got it. The BRV-X puts some of the best audio components inside a shell that’s designed to withstand dirt, shocks, water, and pretty much anything else you or the elements might throw at it. Heck, from the looks of it it could easily survive being thrown."

      "If all this isn’t enough, with the built-in TrueWireless technology you can get a second BRV-X unit and pair the two of them together for stereo sound. I had the chance to stop by the BRAVEN booth at CES 2014 to hear it in action, and I can attest that it’s very cool and sounds amazing that way."

      By ChipChick on 03/11/2014

      "Bluetooth speakers – that’s a crowded market. So, if you’re going to go for any niche, you’d better master it. That’s what the Braven BRV-X has tried to do in the world of rugged, outdoors Bluetooth speakers, and it’s tough enough to look like it’s a contender."

      "The Braven BRV-X is built. It has a rubberized exterior that can withstand falls and the elements, as well as sand, if you’re planning on taking it to the beach. Either way, it’s a speaker that’s been made with the great outdoors in mind, every inch of the way."

      By Android Spin on 03/10/2014

      "We have always had a special place for BRAVEN. We have been fortunate enough to spend countless hours pumping tunes through various BRAVEN speaker models over the years and with every new model they only get better"

      "The new BRV-X is capable of pumping out HD sound for a continuous 12 hours thanks to the 5200 mAh battery inside. That is some serious all day rocking during your adventures this summer. It is also IPX7 waterproof rated giving you piece of mind when out rafting or boating"

      By GeakBeat on 03/10/2014

      "While it is designed for outdoor use, it retains many of the futures that have made Braven a favorite at Geek Beat and added some new ones. It features a pair of custom HD drivers and omnidirectional bass radiators. It also has an indoor/outdoor switch to change the volume and sound based on your environment. The daisy chain feature in this model is wireless for two speaker left and right stereo operation. The BRV-X also includes a 5200 mAh battery for recharging USB devices like phones or action cameras."

    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Ratings

    • How Good This Speaker is
      By Dossa on 3/15/2017

      Bought this speaker from JB-HI-FI and it was probably the best speaker i had ever bought because I had a UE Boom before and it broke and twice so I asked for my money back and bought a BRAVEN BRV-X because I was looking around and thought that it looked really cool and was a great price.


    • Superb Sound and Bass
      By Hart on 3/4/2017

      I went to the local store and demo'ed several portable speakers with the BRV-X coming out as the winner!
      Overall sound quality was comparable to other brands and their direct competition models but the BRV-X had better bass to my ears. All of the reviews I read had a resounding praise for it and it was slightly more affordable too.
      I've used it several times when snowboarding during sunny and stormy days and I'm happy with it's loudness inside my backpack and battery life. People sometimes ask me about it, how big it is and that they like how powerful it is. I consider it a medium sized portable speaker and it's light to carry around. I use Indoor mode to keep the stronger bass.
      I had to get two and they still fit my backpack without adding too much weight. The stereo sound is great and noticeably better!
      I really like the design too compared to others that are round or too industrial looking. The straps are very helpful as well when securing it to the outside of my backpack.


    • Size belies their abilities..
      By Caney on 1/31/2017

      All the above and more had one, now have two. Let me tell you 1 + 1 = 3. I have a very expensive, high end stereo with the latest and greatest DAC, speakers that sand 4 feet off the ground etc. The stereo imaging from these two and realistic bass for their size have blown me away... Beach, boat, picnic, hotel, pool, anywhere - buy them now, you will not be disappointed!


    • Woahh
      By Evilate on 12/24/2016

      Just got it as a gift and this is insane, Sounds absolutely amazing


    • Two units
      By Kidflash on 8/6/2016

      If you like stereo separation the two system set up is fantastic


    • Great product and customer service
      By Leon K on 7/25/2016

      I love this product..I had it for about a year now and it's perfect for being on a boat and going out on the deck or by the pool. I also lost the cap piece on the back of the speaker and the customer service was exceptional and replaced the cap for free. I researched many portable waterproof speakers and I am very happy with the quality and price for this speaker.


    • Keeps on keeping on
      By Tom on 5/1/2016

      I got this speaker the Brv-x last summer and it keeps on keeping on! It's one of the best speakers I've ever used and as a general contractor music makes the work day that much more enjoyable. I live in upstate New York by the finger lakes so we get with any type of weather you can think of almost all in one day sometimes. Just last week when we were working on roof I brought the speaker with me for obvious reasons, and when we were moving the bundle of shingles I wasn't thinking. By accident I hit off the top of the roof and it tumbled to the ground and my heart sank. I thought for sure it was shot but I got down and grabbed, and it connected back up with my phone with no problem. It to me has no real noticeable physical damage at all. I use it when ever I can also to shoveling snow to out boating and, being splashed by friends on jet skis has no problem keeps going I love it. It also has one of the better speakers I've heard from a phone/iPod it has the perfect acoustic sound to it ever. I love the indoor outdoor feature perfect feature for parties and then working and having outdoors. also has saved me a few times when you forget to bring your wall outlet some where but you have it charged and you can charge your phone from it. I love it and would recommend it to anyone.


    • A Must Buy Portable Speaker For All Occasions!
      By Steven on 4/18/2016

      I brought my small favorite portable speaker at Walmart on my yearly trip to Puerto Rico. I love it! I travel everywhere with it. It sounds much louder indoors than outdoors but its a must have. I also attach it to my bicycle. About the waterproof, well I haven't test it on water because I'm afraid it won't work. But if the company says and shows it waterproof than believe it. I just love my portable speaker so much that I do not let anyone touch or borrow it. The only problem I had was with the charger. For whatever reason, the charger does not work anymore so I had to order another one which was not expensive and its free shipping on Braven website..............


      By Tony on 4/12/2016

      DO NOT GET ONE GET TWO!!!! This thing is awesome, I strap it to my ATV, strap it to the canopy at the beach,strap it on the kids wagon for the Zoo, set it on my patio at home,bring it camping and set on the side of the pool so I can fool with it while my hands are wet. Do not hesitate with this purchase and Do not let the price scare you. I have been owning one for about a year and ordered one more for the beach this year. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.


    • Amazing Sound in an Amazing Form Factor
      By Joel on 3/4/2016

      I bought this speaker about a year ago and I find it the most amazing speaker I've ever had. It TRUMPS every other portable speaker I have seen. It may not be as loud as they get, but it is definitely the most quality with excellent low ends and realistic high ends. Truly HD audio, pure quality. That is where it excels, for its size it has the best quality noise especially in the bass capabilities bringing every in ahh to its simple power in such a small size and rugged form factor.
      The fact that it is versatile only makes this speaker more amazing, I have brought this thing anywhere you can imagine and done anything you can imagine to it whether it falls on sand, concrete, dirt, mud, water. I can just rinse it off, dry it and were good to go again. This speaker is truly worth the money I paid for it just out the use of it, as well as the money saved from it not breaking on my adventures. Truly Pleased and Highly recommended.


    • very delighted
      By Happy man in NJ on 2/8/2016

      These things are a MUST have, if you dont have two, yes i said two, then go and get them, THE'RE AWESOME!


    • It's "all that"
      By Tzem68 on 1/31/2016

      I've owned this speaker for a year now. Although it was awesome out of the box, I wanted to wait a while before reviewing. I elected to go this route, as opposed to cutting a bunch of holes in my 21' bay boat for speakers. Glad I did!

      Mine has been exposed to a saltwater environment for about 8 of the 12 months that I've owned it. Much of the rest of the time it's been kept outdoors, not protected from the salt air or humidity. I just grabbed it today to begin charging it for this year's Spring fishing. It was still over halfway charged. I paired it with the phone, and it sounds as good today as the day that I bought it. My best friend bought one for his boat after hearing mine, and is equally impressed. Keep in mind that you're not going to get the bass of full sized speakers, but in "indoor" mode, it gets pretty low.

      My number one concern was the reliability of the unit in a harsh environment, and with getting beaten up by bouncing and vibration - it has passed all of these tests with flying colors. Hope this review helps!



    • sound quality is incredible for such a small package
      By DOCMJN on 1/11/2016

      I love my Braven BRV-X. The sound quality is incredible for such a small package.
      I only wish that it had a DC Adapter so that I can charge it in my car when I'm out... if not, a USB charger would work as well.


    • I don't want to listen to anything else.
      By LS on 4/6/2015

      I purchased one of these in December 2014. I quickly ordered another so I could pair them in stereo. The sound is fantastic. It's hard to believe the sound they produce. This product is perfect for the outdoor / music enthusiast, although I enjoy them indoors as well. I was hesitant to spend this much on portable speakers. No regrets at all. I couldn't be more pleased with this product. Well done Braven. Thanks!


    • I need a second one, I love this thing!
      By Ben B on 4/5/2015

      I got my BRV-X as a groomsman's gift from a fellow music enthusiast and outdoorsman. I love this little box! The sound is really, really good, not like many of the other portable units that I've seen that have no bass. This one has it! Our one-year-old son is discovering music, and this has been a great "toy" for him. I can put some music on, set the unit on the ground close to him, and it's so durable I don't have to worry about him being delicate with it. What a great way for a child to have access to music! Now I just need another one for myself, ha ha. I highly recommend this product.


    • Obsessed
      By Kg on 3/23/2015

      I got the BRV-X as a belated Christmas gift a couple of weeks ago...the label "wireless speaker" hardly does this product justice.

      - Sound -- loud and crisp, great bass. Indoor/outdoor is genius -- indoor gives you more bass, I was shocked how good it sounds, especially when placed on a flat surface; the outdoor mode emphasizes the mid- to high-range so the sound carries much farther.
      - Portability -- certainly not pocket-sized, but I wanted more than pocket-sized sound. Easily fits in a day pack or weekend bag
      - Durability -- I've only had it 2 weeks, but have used in in the shower with no problem. It has an IP rating of 7, which technically means it should be able to be submerged at 1 meter for 30 minutes and still work. I read a review where a guy was pissed because he tried and it didn't. Don't care, and not gonna try. Just let me take it to the beach, out in the rain, in the shower and I'll be happy. Haven't dropped it yet, but I'm suspect of any electronics being able to take a long drop onto a hard floor. If it gets knocked off a table and doesn't work, I'll update the review.
      - Form factor -- the rubber coating and speaker grill are substantial, rubber does not feel like it will rub through or rip, ever. All the buttons have a solid feel to them. The cap on the back seals tight, just make sure you close it all the way. The rubber feet are excellent (maybe silicone-based?); very sticky but no residue or marks.
      - Functionality -- being able to charge your phone is a great feature, the battery life has been outstanding so far, I didn't even know it had a microphone (noise-canceling no less) for the speakerphone function. Buttons are multi-purpose and intuitive, nice that the volume up/down buttons also control your audio source. You can also pair up another one and get left/right stereo separation.
      - Value -- *cannot* beat the value of the current price online.

      Had not heard of the Braven brand before this, but I'm their new biggest fan. I'm getting another one to pair up and use for bigger parties.


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